Our story

The building blocks of rpl. university were laid long before our birth in January 2019 — Our foundation was forming through the seasons of Lauren’s life as she moved through high school, college, her start in entrepreneurship, back to college and all of the places in between. A common thread of advice she always received was, “Just follow your passions!” … and one day it clicked — we’re told to follow our passions, but not where or how to find them.

rpl. University is here to make a difference in the way that people find their life path and hone their career choices by connecting them with coaches who have been where they are now: people in the industry in which they want to join or explore who have already faced the struggles, made the cut, and found their way. Basically, your personal job coach, life coach, and cheerleader all wrapped into one.

We believe that everyone on Earth has a purpose and that the things you are passionate about are not by accident. We believe that you can most definitely have a career that you love AND that works with YOUR passions. rpl. University wants to help you dig deeper into whatever your “thing” is! Don’t know what you’re passionate about yet? You still have purpose and we have created a space for you to find it.

Every life creates a ripple effect… what will yours be?

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Meet the team

Lauren Glass

Semi-self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur

At a young-ish age, Lauren discovered her passion for entrepreneurship. This passion manifested itself through weekend lemonade stands and unknowingly stealing what were later identified as family heirlooms and selling them to her neighbors. (PSA: The heirlooms were recovered and the money was returned to the customers.)

At age 18, Lauren founded the non-profit Beds4Kids. Beds4Kids was a non-profit organization that worked to provide beds to kids in need in Kingsport, Tennessee. Lauren served as the Executive Director for nine years and scaled the organization into four different states. During this time, as the need for beds began to increase, it became increasingly difficult to create enough funding to meet all of the needs. So Lauren decided to do something even more out of her comfort zone: create a for-profit company that would help fund the non-profit. The pillow and home goods company, THROW, would put a percentage of the proceeds from every item sold directly to Beds4Kids.

During year one of THROW, Lauren applied to become part of the resident program at Plywood Place, a socially conscious business incubator program located in Atlanta. Lauren was accepted into the space and worked alongside ten other startups for three years. She was able to scale THROW into not only an e-commerce business, but a retail product sold in many boutiques across the country and major retailers such as West Elm. In 2017, Lauren made her exit from Beds4Kids and THROW in pursuit of new opportunities.

In January of 2019, a new opportunity came on the scene by the name of RPL. Lauren realized as she looked back on her journey from high school to college to entrepreneurship, back to college, and all of the stress, excitement, and confusion that each of these seasons brought, that there was one statement that always stuck out in her mind. Whenever anyone would try to help encourage her to keep going, they’d say, “Just follow your passions!” Then it hit her — everyone tells you to follow your passions, but nobody tells you how to find them. This was the thought that inspired RPL.

Robin Attig

Co-Founder and CTO

Growing up with a tech-savvy father, who still works at Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany as a Software-Engineer, young-is Robin started experimenting with technology and programming at the age of 6. In his teenage days, he played a lot of video games, but stopped most of his video gaming at the age of 18 to create his own video games for Xbox and Windows.

At the age of 18, he started studies at Technical University Brunswick, Germany in Computer Science where he got his Bachelor’s Degree. A second Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science was issues by Teesside University, England, where he studied a year through the ERASMUS Program. In 2014, he finished college at Technical University Brunswick with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Robin’s software development career started at the age of 21, where he got his first part-time job as a video game developer in Brunswick. At 23, he changed his career path to pure Software Engineering, with a focus on web and mobile application development. Since then, he has focused on becoming better than his peers in everything regarding Information Technology.

He has founded a total of five companies in Germany, of which he exited his last two companies successfully. Being self-employed since 2015, he worked for companies including Vodafone, AXA Insurance Group, RTL (Germany’s biggest broadcasting company) and Zurich Insurance Group as Software Engineer and Information Security Consultant.

Being a Co-Founder of rpl. university, Robin wants to disrupt the way students are mentored. The old-fashioned way has to change, as there is no possibility of a few consultants at the university giving valuable information to the students. We need people that are actually working in these professionals to mentor the students. He believes that we can make a positive impact with rpl. university and loves the IT challenges that come with lifting rpl. university up to being an enterprise company.