Why we give a rip

From experience, our team knows that not everyone has a strong personal network to pull inspiration, motivation, and career advice from. rpl. university is here to change that by providing all individuals with their own personal career coach and mentor to help cheer them on through the ups and downs of each unique path they are embarking on.

We believe that socioeconomic status, geographic location, and “who you know” should never limit the exposure and guidance you receive on the road to your dream career.

We also believe that networking and career coaching are two of the most important things you can invest your time in — through rpl. university, we give you the space to do both.

Problems we’re solving


50% of college students will change their major at least once during their college career

60% of college students are First-Generation students

42% struggle with anxiety, primarily causes by the uncertainty of what they want to pursue academically and as a future career

375:1 ratio of students per professional academic advisor


Only 9% of alumni felt their alma maters alumni network had been helpful in the job market

5% = average alumni participation rate

47% of alumni professionals believe their biggest roadblock to engaging more alumni is the lack of value their organization offers

31% of alumni non-donors have never been invited to an alumni event/activity


Ready to get started?

Click “request demo”, tell us a bit about yourself & one of our specialists will be in touch ASAP! Need a little more info first? Click “learn more” to hear our full story (we promise the video will make you laugh at least once.)


How it works

ASSESS Our team guides you through a series of assessments to help us understand your current mentorship process and programs.

How it works

IMPLEMENT From training sessions to marketing, we partner with you to implement your custom rpl. university portal. We ensure you are equipped and ready to launch your new and improved mentorship program, walking with you every step of the way.

How it works

STRATEGIZE Together we find ways to make your current process more efficient and impactful for mentors, mentees, and leadership teams.